Who am I? A mother? Yes! A baker? Nah, just a gal that loves to be in the kitchen. Baking has always been a favorite pastime of mine. One day I do hope to open my own little cake shop, but for now, I'm happy raising my 4 children and baking for family and friends. Initially, I developed the Crumb Coat Cakes blog as a place to journal my cake creations. But, I found myself wanting a place to gather and share info and ideas on all of my baking endeavors...thus, along came Apron Strings Baking. Two blogs? Too ambitious! I've decided to feature Crumb Coat Cakes right here on Apron Strings Baking.

As for the treats you'll find here, I wish I could say that I sit down and write my own recipes from start to finish...but really, who has time for that?! I simply find one I like and mix it up a bit, or sometimes, I leave it just the way it is. I don't always do them justice, but I always have fun!